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Jonathan’s & Jeanne’s Java, Juice, & More Store has earned its positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional service to each of our customers. We understand that your needs can change last minute, and we’re ready to adapt our services quickly to ensure your success. Read on to learn more about what we can do for you.

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About Us

Welcome to Jonathan’s & Jeanne’s Java, Juice, & More Store. This is the story about how the business was formed. Jonathan and I hope and pray we can attract a group of people interested in seeing locally owned businesses thrive while give people who are challenged a chance to prove that they can succeed in a business. This is a dream enterprise of Jonathan Saunders and myself which we hope will come true in the future. If you would like to be a part of our business we would be happy to have you! This is a combination of Jonathan’s dream of owning a Starbucks franchise and my business plan for one of my business classes at Longview Community College 2006-2008. He wanted to own his own Starbucks but found out that individuals can’t own them. I told him about my business plan for Business Essentials which was a combo of a coffee shop, daycare, and book store/library for people who are disabled and their friends and family. He loved the idea and so do his apartment managers. His apartment complex/Community Living Opportunity owns a daycare which he will start working at August 20. He has written a business plan to include my ideas and his and has presented it to the people in charge of his clo. They plan to eventually include the book store/library and coffee shop (which I hope will include food and other drinks as well...we’ll see...). They will handle the business side of things. I’m hoping we can handle everything else. 😊 They are employing the residents of his clo to work there...which was a major part of my dream. I wanted something similar to a Bitty & Beau’s Coffee Shop.

Our main goal is to always achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with the services and products that we provide. This simple approach has effectively fueled our growth since we opened our doors in 2000. We’re thrilled you’ve decided to visit us - please browse our site to discover what we’re all about.

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Inventory will be available once we create our own coffee, etc. Once we do that, we'll let you know when  you can start ordering. If you have any suggestions as to how and where we can create our own coffee, etc, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.



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